Welcome to Battlefield Leeds

Home of the most exciting laser, all-action, interactive outdoor gaming in the area.

Our battlefield offers thrilling laser combat gaming activities for anyone aged 7 to 107! As long as you are big enough to carry the gun, you can play!

The games are interactive, team based and because of the way they run, whether you are a novice or an experienced gamer, you will have a great time!

We specialise in birthday parties and youth/school groups for the 7+ age group.

Using the very best, high quality state of the art gaming equipment, including top of the range S*A*T*R (small arms transmitter receiver) weapons we can ensure you have a realistic but fun and exciting day out. The high tech infra-red operating system is perfectly eye safe meaning you don’t have to wear any special equipment, carry around extra ammunition or worry about getting hit, bruised or battered.

With our highly accurate equipment there is reliable scoring, no cheating and realistic action. Also with our electronic medic box refreshing your lives it means no one sits out watching others complete the games. Our guns are incredibly easy to use so you can concentrate on having fun!

 Please contact us for availability and that we may have to postpone for bad weather.

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