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Hello recruit, welcome to Battlefield LEEDS.

Battlefield LEEDS is an authentic, fantastic, team-based combat entertainment experience using sophisticated gaming guns from Battlefield. It is so realistic the Royal Marine Commandos use the equipment! And using infra-red light technology this is totally SAFE and not painful like paintballing!

Your game missions will be explained to you and it will be team-work that brings the most success. So it doesn’t matter if you are a novice or experienced, big or small, boy or girl – it is tactics, team and taking cover that count!

Battlefield is the most realistic simulation, short of joining the military. You will be briefed on the battlefield, on how to use the gaming guns and on your team's objectives. Your orders could be to:

  • Capture & Hold a Base
  • VIP escort
  • Sniper
  • Team combat
  • and other scenarios.

Battlefield is one of the few exciting outdoor adventure activities that the family, friends, youth groups, colleagues can play together safely. Battlefield combat games are perfect for:

  • Birthday parties – be the coolest kid in your school with this party
  • School and youth group activities – build friendships and team skills
  • Family and friends day out – settle those family scores on the battlefield!
  • Business Team building – work together on the battlefield and win at business!
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