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All Battlefield Live SATR equipment is certified and rated as suitable for this gaming experience. Please see the safety certificate here or at our HQ.

For your safety please: listen to all instructions and obey all instructions immediately and fully; wear outdoor clothing that is comfortable; easy to move about and run in; sensible shoes that can cope with potentially slippy grass and dirt surfaces; camouflage coveralls are available but should they not fit, please wear clothing and shoes that are ok if they get dirty; clothing that is less likely to get snagged on branches or obstacles in the gaming area (for example don’t wear scarves or long flowing garments); make sure that long hair is tied back; do not climb trees, fencing, barricades or anything else; do not throw anything or have any physical contact with any other player; do not leave the gaming area as defined by your operator. All of these measures are designed to ensure you have the best time possible and they are important.

Also for your safety you will be asked to sign a form to show you are fit and capable of playing Battlefield (if you are under 18 then you must have a form signed by a parent/guardian or person responsible for your group).